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Register Your IT Talents

This page is for IT professionals in the Greater Rochester area to register thier skills so that SQL-NET Consulting can contact them if we have a client that needs someone with those skills. Any IT professional can register for free but SQL-NET Consulting may negotiate a small percentage of the profits from the first project you work on for any client we find you.

If you are already registered and wish to update your information then log in below using the user name and password we emailed you when you first registered. You can update your Email but your password will remain the same. If you are new then simply register to the right.

List your skills in comma delimited format. List all skills; even if they fall within the development skills we provide as listed on the home page.

List your certifications in comma delimited format. List your certifications in long form, i.e.-Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. You can also list any degrees or special trainings you may have in your certifications.


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